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"You are enough. Your life is very valuable."

                                            - Vanessa

The Heart Factor is a movement of self-care and healing that addresses broken identity and broken thinking as a result of a broken heart.
Mentoring Workshop

The Heart Factor

Love, Relationships & Self-care

The Love, Relationships & Self-care workshop offers single women an outlook on dating that is focused on: understanding love, self-care, and guarding your heart. Vanessa takes the message and lessons in her books and brings them full circle in a face-to-face setting where she shares tools to help single women navigate dating from a healthy place.

Vanessa's "6 Points of Power" covered during the session:

  • You are valuable. You matter. You are enough.

  • You are a whole person. No one else can complete you.

  • Set boundaries around your life to guard your heart.

  • Love builds up. It never tears down.

  • Sex is a powerful force. Use it wisely.

  • Focus on being healed before the next relationship.

It's just a conversation...with a dose of healing

Note: Vanessa is available for one-on-one mentoring and small groups.

How To Submit A Mentoring Workshop Request

To inquire about mentoring sessions and scheduling, please email Vanessa at authorvanessawerts@gmail.com.

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